The brand-new rules to master refined power dressing

Remember when it seemed as though the entire world was hooked on that grungy-glam, Primrose Hill look? Those days are gone. Unbrushed hair, fastidiously random devices and hippy jewelry have given way for a posse of glossy, effective looking women, the standard bearers of whom are Angelina Jolie, Amal Clooney, Emma Watson, Caroline Issa, Olivia Palermo, Michele Obama, Gillian Anderson and Julie Etchingham, the ITV presenter who deftly moderated those EU arguments with the poise of an experienced broadcaster, however minus the stiff, garish clothing and pan stick?

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Marketers, dare to be fearlessly out of style

If you are a marketer, it is practically specific that you will have been motivated by your company, at some point, to "be brave". The objective is to stiffen your resolve to safeguard to your peers, sales teams and more lily-livered colleagues exactly what the company promises will be "advancement imaginative work".

Perversely, the first time courage will be called upon is most likely to be when gathered with the firm itself, in one of those "let’s be open" sessions to go over the kind of work you feel is best for your business problem.


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This exceptional style blog writer made her own Space Intruders robe

Anji Salz is the kind of style blog writer design mavens flock to. Modeling two-toned ombre hair with neon green ends, bejeweled eye makeup, and gorgeously comprehensive kimono, it's clear she has a unique taste of design that stands firmly between Japanese and American perceptiveness.

The Tokyo-based designer made some attention from the local style cute maxi dresses neighborhood when she chose to create her own Space Invaders robe previously this year. Then someone took a pic of her on the street using it and the photo went viral, attracting more than a million viewers from all over the world.


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